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This Digital Album contains 12 Soundtracks from us.
The total playing time of all tracks is approx. 52 min.


released August 17, 2015



all rights reserved



We are 2 Brothers Tadeusz and Waldemar and we make music in various styles. Music connects people and hearts.
Tadeusz composed all various styles. I am the songwriter and vocalist we call our project LUMMA BROTHERS,more infos you find on our main page on G+,your all LUMMA BROTHERS :-)
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Track Name: ODIN`S HALLS


Father can you understand me,
your son see as a hero today?
Oh mother do you feel my heart glows, have you seen your son's heroism?
What a great battle
she brought us today the win!
However, I can `t back home Walhalla blessings awaiting me.
Now I can see many souls,
hero hearts who evade the battles
My cup of life I am emptied now in this enlightened halls I want to rest.

Tearful I breathe my last greetings
crave a redeeming kiss.
Only once again to see my love,
go home jubilant with the victors.
One last time feel my wife
touches the love of my children.
All my friends greet my home ,
guard your hearts in bright light.
Father can you understand me,
your son see as a hero today?
Oh mother do you feel my heart glows, have you seen your son's heroism?

All my heroism drowns in tears glow.
All my heroism drowns in tears glow.
All my heroism drowns in tears glow.

The deaths waves, goodbye my life.
A phoenix awakes.


it's accomplished in this stormy night
i am awoken from the sheol to live
unlived dreams have passed me
my magic delusion
has deceived me forever
love is an elixir of life,
a key consisting of forces
deeply alive inside you
this cup rests in numerous wounds
many are interconnected
in deep suffering
like a mighty phoenix i am awoken
from the death of endless nights
like a mighty dragon i am awoken
from the people dreaming fainting


what good now know all my secrets
my life around me is worn
many beloved friends at home
will certainly no longer be alive
endless years have passed into land
to loving joys i have cheated myself
so hear the words of a wise fool
let the love go into your hearts
stay into the study of truths
never forget your sense of life
like a mighty phoenix i am awoken
from the people ignorant nights


listen my words seeking fools
what's gotten into your limbs
you should rest in your midst
from deep love just doing the right thing
many are looking for
their personal miracle elixir
lie consisting of gold
looking dead animals
travelers forgive me my talkativeness
you still have enough time in your life
yes you are really still young in years
fantastic adventure you will experience
in this stormy full moon night i have
your hearts enlightened in phoenix fire


© Lumma Brothers

Heartfelt welcome,welcome tonight is our stage free
here is something special for every fool

Dear ladies and gentlemen walk in this evening
today we produced something for everyone
When you are under the electronic intoxication
can our horror show goes on.
Our latest technical attractionswe let alive in your hearts.
Hollywood many powerful Economic vassals
let this evening pops their champagne corks
Our stars ask for resounding applause
we rejoice with them in the intoxication of colors

What`s interest us the rest of the world,
our life revolves around only our tent
What`s interest us the rest of the world,
our life revolves around only our tent

Although their predators cloning clowns
disturbed system slaves dwell among us
Many of us will happen nothing
because we cooperate intoxicated with them
Our managers take care of us our nation
they are elected leaders from us
What we have to lose when they manipulate us
with their spectacle plays Many clap
fanatical in their hands elected their leaders
till the day they died

What`s interest us the rest of the world,
our life revolves around only our tent
What`s interest us the rest of the world,
our life revolves around only our tent

Who I am, only a joker I shout between
your tents but in vain nobody wants
truly listen to me because I would
destroy your dreams
Beloved stunning audience who is interested
in the truths, what makes it all before?
We hope you enjoyed our show
and you count yourselves to electronic vassals
Please remember to tell your friends about us
our Horror Show so they vote us in their life

What`s interest us the rest of the world,
our life revolves around only our tent
What`s interest us the rest of the world,
our life revolves around only our tent


They program
They recruit
They produce

Idolatry is announced
No individuality demand
We stop our thinking now
Want to be loyal lackeys
Their chip implanted progeny
Dies for old aristocratic blood
Media zombies to power
For the new monarch splendor

They produce
We consume
They control
We work

They extol at their technology
Are for their progress delusional
We obey just no rest
Slaves there is much to do
Economy plus is announced

Nobody, which ask for freedom

© Lumma Brothers
Track Name: NEVER LOST

Give your dreams never on taking your destiny and rising on.
Which way you go in life always come someone and standing to you.
They see you lonely going through your life no one ever will understand you.
Whatever happens in your life your heart leaping lonely to this beats.

Your family would like to see you again try to understand everything.
Just laugh and forgive you, please stop by at your home.
Hold on to their love when the world let you falling down.
Whatever happening in your life you're dancing lonely to this beats.

Melanie your life must turning so your life never should end.
When everything overwhelmed you in your life you just only need to whip out your mobile phone. Loving to choose my number, with you in my life I, would missing nothing.
Whatever happens in our lives, our hearts jumping together to this beats.

Where are all our years gone, want we two shove everything at the beginning.
Howsoever our world rotates it is never too late for a second time.
We should risk again to losing us in our feelings.
Whatever happens in our lives we dancing together to this beats.


Their dealer can you hear them
there heartlessness can you feel then
they glorify their own miracle of technology
so that each person can be seduced
see how they destroy our humanity
how they touch us with their electronic pulses
Their spells were born in dust
when you not to believe in their illusions
They beds to their own electronic idols
they shown how yourself can subjugate them
electronic rainbow miracles are consumed
so human loses his self-determination

we let run their current flowing through our veins
so we can enjoy their electron noise
we let run their current flowing through our veins
so we can enjoy their electron noise

electron noise vibrant colors luck
the pleasure I am think we all get crazy
our brains are full of electronic concoctions
so we are their soul lots creatures
the pain and darkness life in our dreams
no one wants more missed their colored drugs
their electronic puppets catch many souls
which torment through their own computer designed worlds
you should try to vanish this world
in nature you will find your peace recovery again
never again let living wrong illusions in your heart
enjoy your new life happiness free of the electron republic
we let never longer their current flow through our veins
now we want to enjoy the wonders of nature

© Lumma Brohters
Track Name: INVADERS

A star League of galaxies brings us peace love and harmonies
They travel straight to earth crystals send this magnetic musicals sounds.Their hearts revives an outstanding mind they like give us their helping hands.To serve lovingly is their prime duty it is our all cosmic illuminated light
Their ships stand ready for a long time as they tour through our realities .They have given to us their friendship in the future past and present.There are infinitely many dimensions much to learn it would be worthwhile.Let not blind you from the powerful of the world Not living with bound hands and lips

Be watchful and careful in the heart stay strong
again the princes of night false prophets manipulate
and lies they must serve the fallen stars brothers

© Lumma Brothers
Hammerbraut (HAMMER BRIDE)

Oh Yeah Wow mmmhhh
Wow you`re the hammer !!!
Yes you`re amazing !!!

I see you standing at the dance floor
I would like to go to you
I wish we could once be together
Dancing in love in disco light sparkle

Wow you`re the hammer !!!
Wow you`re amazing !!!

You're just a true dream
Your a miracle that i addiction all my lifetime
We rock hand in hand through our party land
We are stars in light dance until the day dawns

Wow you`re the hammer !!!
Yes you`re amazing !!!

© Lumma Brothers
Track Name: EXITUS

a power full gloss meets this space
It almost seems like a dream to me
no one can escape from his power
from his servants flee
at the end of the life
comes a deep understanding
since we are see our life pull over
you are a time tools who all listed
has studied the book of our life

your scepter of power not able to keep to lies is a heavy burden
your scepter of power not able to keep hate is a heavy burden

the times you are holding like no other
in the hour of death is nobody alone
mighty guardians of souls
warmly watchman & companion
in your magic books you found
tests & judgments fast
Gods and demons respect you
them you appear as
a redeeming light

your scepter of power not able to keep Idolatry is a heavy burde
your scepter of power not able to keep illusions are a heavy burden

You are the gate into
the clearance light halls
the last night we all dancing
yours belong the last tears
of many arising by peace crave
one last breath of life a stitch
suddenly i am see my soul light
so we both go out of this world
which no longer
holds us in our limits

your scepter of power not able to keep drug addiction is a heavy burden
your scepter of power not able to keep greed is a heavy burden

© Lumma Brohters

State criticism State criticism
I am against their pretence policy
My voice their don`t need to count
I not would choose their fat asses upwards
they are corrupt politicians filled up with lies
they would cheat everyone for their passions
Since decades many poor people
life in government dependence
it is not enough to change the life to get a better life

State criticism state criticism
I am against your corrupt politism
we see them sitting in the finest clubs
while honest workers sweat hard for low-wage
their children amuse themselves in their luxury homes
poor children in the world are starving and die
the disabled and sick of this nation's
beg for their maintenance payments rewarding
over this Feeble they spread this lies
they would all be reprobate to steal and cheat
planned TV and radio shows plays the politics truths
they eliminated every free spirit with their mind control plays

no no no
no no no
we no longer want to be your slaves
no no no
we want to be free

State criticism State criticism
we all not need your world politism
hearken my voice their beleaguered nations why millions of people live under her scorn
we want no more longer let us bend from their systems
we don't let us more humiliate from their politism
now Their delusions are enough
Why they praise on their wars their one world religion ?
hey hey State criticism State criticism
they applauded themselves to their crazy theatrical Performance

everything is so wonderful
without politicians
everything is so wonderful
without politicians

© Lumma Brothers